Monday, September 22, 2008

Jewish terrorist operation in Pakistan!!!

The Pakistan Marriot Hotel bombings appear to have been the work of the Israeli Mossad and/or the Jewish faction of the CIA. The security cameras do not show a suicide truck, but rather a van that was sabotaged and pre-planted with explosives which were then detonated by remote control (or possibly a timer). There were initially reports of two suicide car bombers. So where is the camera shot of the second one? The truth is that, there is no first or second suicide car/truck bomber. The truck doesn’t appear to have been that of a suicide truck. If it was a real life suicide truck bomber, then the individual would have rammed the truck through the gate and into the walls and exploded for everyone to see. The truck pauses and waits, within a few seconds, it has a small blast, and afterwards creates a fire that engulfs it and the surrounding area. The Marriot hotel building seems to be standing and not touched or affected by the small blast when it happens. The second alleged suicide truck isn’t shown, and the perpetrators who detonated the first bomb are never seen on camera. The individual driving the truck was unaware that his truck had been sabotaged, in addition to the very possible fact that he may in fact be either drugged, intoxicated, hypnotized, indoctrinated, brainwashed, and/or compelled under death threats to oneself or loved ones in order to drive towards the extremely well guarded hotel. The reporters stated that about 50 to 100 feet from where the alleged suicide truck, there was a huge crater. Exploding vehicles do not create craters inside the ground; even the ground that they explode on. Only pre-planted military grade explosives inside the hotel’s basement with timers ahead of planned event can cause such a tremendous amount of explosion and dig such a massive hole where the water pipes and electrical grids are blown out into the air. This is where the structural damage of the building can be seen, from the inside – NOT from the outsider. In addition to that, the cameras do not show anyone lobbing a grenade at the hotel despite what the Jewish media claims.
There was an alleged warning of this terrorist attack happening ahead of time. The lie that the non-existent “Al Qaeda” blew up the hotels due to the alleged presence of the American CIA have turned out to be completely false and concocted. Whenever a security agency states that they were warned ahead of time of the incoming attack, it usually means that they are involved in carrying it out. After all, aren’t “security agencies” supposed to provide security for its civilians? So if there is an alleged warning ahead of time, why aren’t they able to stop it? What kind of alleged “muslim terrorist” and/or “radical/extremist” would go out and about blowing up fellow muslims when they are breaking the fast at night during the last ten nights of Ramadan. Muslims generally are encouraged to pray, meditate, and contemplate more seriously during the last ten nights of Ramadan (and they are generally seen doing so) in order to seek the blessings of the night of power/ decree (laylat-ul-Qadr). Laylatul-Qadr is when the Holy Qur’an had its revelations descend via the Holy Spirit (Ruh Al Quddus) and initiated into the heart of the Last Prophet - Muhammad ibn Abdullah.
This terrorist attack carries the finger prints and modus operandi of none other than the terrorists in the Mista’Aravim in the Israeli Mossad. It is similar to the bombings done by Israeli Jewish terrorists over the past few decades. The assassination of Rafiq Hariri, Australian embassy in Jakarta, Bali Kuta beach nightclub bombings, and another Marriot Hotel bombing in Indonesia were all acts of terrorism committed via internal sabotage of the buildings with the hands of Jewish terrorists. The individuals who carried out the recent terrorist atrocities have had inside access to the facilities which they bombed. The power of the explosives in addition to the timing shows which group of people can perpetrate such a disgusting act of terror and get away with it.
Terrorism is a racket concocted by Jewish gangsters and criminals based in Israel. It was started by the Jewish mob over a century ago when they entered Palestine and started bombing civilian targets and hotels. In fact, the word “terrorist” was used by the British to describe these Jewish fanatics and criminals who would blow everyone up including fellow Jews. Terrorism and the War on Terrorism is a Jewish racket based out of Wall Street, the City of London, and Israel. Terrorist fanatics are called Mukhabel (sp.É) in Hebrew as they are die hard fanatics in what they believe in. These terrorists are recorded to carry out various bombings against mosques, churches, and even synagogues. Their favourite targets areéwere places of tranportation, like bus stops, market places, and train stations, and more recently subways,buses, and airplanes. They were initially called the Stern Gang, Irgun, and Lehi gangsters. The Hagannah was another Jewish terrorist group which was less psychopathic and fanatic in their activities. They became the public face of the modern Israeli army and called themselves the IDF after ÈindependenceÈ. However, psychos will always remain psychos. It appears their terrorist and cowardly nature canèt stop them from shooting at little kids in the head with bullets even today. The morphing of the Hagannah into the IDF still didnèt stop Jews from engaging in acts of terrorism. The Stern, Lehi, and Irgun terrorists then did a cosmetic surgery. They changed names and created intelligence outfits like the Mossad (Institute of Special Operations), LAKAM, AMAN, and Shin Beit after Israel was born. By infiltrating, penetrating, subverting, perverting, and converting, these Jewish criminals were able to create the Mista'Aravim – after many years of intelligence gathering and compiling, the Jews were able to act like Arabs/Muslims and fool the common man – especially Western individuals and even Muslims themselves. Camp Zarqa was created in the 1980s as a joint collaboration by Mossad agents posing as so-called radical Muslim clerics and the Jordanian Mukhabarat. Young men of fighting age went to these camps where they would train in martial arts and listen to psychedelic chants. The chants can still be seen in modern day "jihadi" movies from Iraq, Chechnya, Bosnia, and other places. Their objectives were to create a record of individuals who entered these camps and could be labelled as a "threat" and/or potential subversives by the governments of Muslim-majority nations like Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morrocco, Algeria (the nation is run by criminals and Jews), amongst others. The reason for the creation of these camps by the Israelis were to create the illusion of suicidal "islamic terrorists" but not real terrorists. It would be used in the future as prosecution against many religious Muslims caught in this dirty political game. The young Arab men who went to Afghanistan ended up being refugees who their former governments wouldn't want back. They were not helpful to the Afghani resistance as they didn't understand local customs/cultures, and didn't know the land/terrain of Afghanistan. The Afghanis defeated the Soviets with their own Islamic spirit of resistance. It will be noticed that during this time period, when mujahideen or their wanna-bes from all over the world came, not a single soviet embassy or affiliated business i.e. (hotels/restaurants) was bombed in terrorist attacks by the Mujahideen. Similarly today, Muslim militants are not bombing US/Israeli embassies or affiliated businesses, although these can be interpreted by neutral individuals as being legitimate targets since some of them are the hotbeds for criminal activities, subversion, subterfuge, spying,and terrorist activities.

So one might argue, well how can the Jews enter Pakistan, a Muslim nation almost totally hateful of the Jews and Israel (and rightfully so). Well, most Israeli terrorists engage in terrorism, subterfuge, and sabotage by carrying fake passports. In addition to that, there have been many Israeli terrorists who pass off as Arabs/Pakistanis/Persians/Afghanis due to the fact that the Sephardic/Mizrahi/Hasidic and other Middle Eastern non-Ashkenazi Jews are genetically and physiologically related to the Muslims of that region. That is why the Israeli Jews posing as Middle Eastern flight students and Arab hijackers intending to crash airplanes into buildings (their flight instructors claimed they just wanted to fly airplanes, but not learn how to take off or land) passed of as being Arabs/Muslims by the naive flight instructors. This was due to their darker and/or brown-skinned complexions. Some of contemporary society’s favorite Urban Musicians in Hollywood are brown/black Jews – including reggae stars Super Cat/ Sean Paul, Paula Abdul (father a Syrian Jew, mom a Canadian Jewess), Bonny Shyne/Shyne Po (who told MTV while in prison that he cooks Kosher food because he is Hebrew), and the famous Whoopy Goldberg. We know these agents at the flight schools were Mista’Aravim (which can roughly be translated as either Arab-wanna-bes, appear to be Arabs in Hebrew).

The reasons they are Mista’Aravim is because many of them could speak Hebrew (including the Mossad man posing as “Mohammed Atta” at Huffman aviation, and his alleged associates “Marwan El-Sheehi” and “Khalid Al Midhar”). The voice of the alleged hijacker claiming to be ÈMohammed AttaÈ was not that of an Arab, but that of an Israeli – more specifically it was Yiddish and probably that of a RussianéPolish Israeli gangster. The Jew posing as Hani Hanjour couldn’t speak Arabic when asked what his name meant (he stated it meant “warrior” – it isn’t – Mujahid is warrior; it means “content”). None of the Jews posing as “Arab hijackers” or so-called “muslim terrorist” could speak Arabic – very bad Mista’Aravim they were. Even the Jew posing as Zacarias Moussaoui couldnèt speak French, and when his instructor wanted to speak a casual conversation in the language – threw a fit. This Jew, when asked by his instructor whether or not he was Muslim, flat out denied it. However, when the real Zacarias Moussaoui was arrested in August 2001 based on false allegations, he wanted Muslim lawyers to represent him in the Trial. The men that Yeslam Bin Laden – alleged brother of Osama Bin Laden, allegedly sent out to engage in flight training, never once acted like they wanted to hijack aircraft. However, the Mossad men following them tagged them as suspected ÈArab hijackersÈ, and relayed this false information to the dupes working in the CIA.

Afghani Jews in the year 2000 were arrested by Indian security officials in Calcutta as they tried to board a plane. They were Israeli nationals from the West bank. They were initially considered to be suspected hijackers – and their possible mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh would have been to engage in subterfuge, sabotage, assassinations, drug running, and of course their most favorite: International Terrorism blamed on peaceful Muslims or so-called “fundamentalist” Muslims. Perhaps if one observes Muslims, it will be noticed that the hardcore believers with the big beards and wives dressed as ninjas (i.e. what is traditionally considered to be religious/conservative muslims) tend to be the most peaceful, and least likely to engage in any act of terrorism.

Israeli/ Jewish terrorists caught in attempting various atrocities Basra in 2005 had fake British/Canadian passports while dressed as Bedouin Arabs. In October 2002, at least 2 Jewish terorists were attempting to blow up the Mexican congress whilst carrying Pakistani passports. In 2005, an Anglo American Jew by the name of Michael Meiring had his legs blown off whilst attempting to build a bomb in his hotel suite in the Philippines. He had American and British passports, and he was said to be working in the CIA. In 1999, Russian Jews were caught whilst attempting to blow up apartment blocks in Ryazan which would be blamed on Chechen freedom fighters as they did a few weeks before their capture in Moscow. They were said to be connected to the international Russian-Israeli Jewish mafia, and had ties to Jewish terrorist gangsters like Boris Berezovsky and Boris Yelstin (real name Elias Baruch) – who have been accused by former and ipso facto Chechen president Aslan Mashkadov as being the main suspects who ordered the terrorist bombings to happen. Putin’s mother is said by many sources to be Jewish, and he was in the FSB during this time. This was another leading cause for the restarting of the Chechen war in 1999.
In 2004, Israeli Jewish terrorist Mera Douetvsky was arested by Philippines police for the shipping and trafficking (and planting) of explosives in the Manila ferry bombing atrocity that killed off over 100 Filipino nationals – including many Muslims. The blame for the attacks of course fell on Èal QaedaÈ. In 2005, Dmitry Argunov was arrested for blowing up civilian targets in Trinidad, causing severe injuries to innocent bystanders. When the Israelis arrived to have him deported, the Trinidad police said no.

In 2002, Israeli mista’Aravim units placed explosives in the tourist resort and hotel and had several of their men dressed up as Arabs run away from the scene after the explosions. Of course, these Arab wanna-bes were pretending to fire anti-aircraft missiles without their battery packs in Mombasa beach against an israeli aircraft. When the Israelis wanted to confiscate the false evidence planted at the crime scene, the Kenyan police said “NO”!!! This was like the 1998 embassy bombings in Nairobi when Israeli Military operatives came within 24 hours of the attack, and cleaned up the evidence that would point towards them and plant false evidence which would implicate innocent Muslims (scapegoats andéor patsies) who took no part in the attacks. It is unfortunate that at least four innocent Muslims are locked up in maximum security federal prisons in the United States even today for false confessions given under torture by the Kenyan police under direct orders from their so-called Israeli ÈadvisorsÈ and ÈexpertsÈ. The Mista-Aravim, right before the Uffendi building besides the embassy was destroyed via controlled demolition and shape charges, had jumped out of a yellow pickup and started firing at the guards. There is no confirmation of grenades being launched as the cameras around the complex were turned off.

Special Forces Mossad agents have the capability of speaking multiple languages. Thus it would not be very hard for them to enter Pakistan pretending to be Muslim Activists, just like they did in Calcutta in 2000 whilst pretending to be Tabligh activists. They can speak Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Pashto, Uzbek, Kurdish, various Arabic dialects, Turkish, and other languages of the Islamic nations.
The former Jewish-American embassador to Israel, Gunther Dean, who was often pro-Palestinian, had Israeli Jewish terrorist assassins dress up as Arabs using American weaponry attempt to kill him back in the 1980s. A few years later, Pakistani General Zia-ul-Haq was killed in a plane crash in addition to two other American CIA agents. Gunther Dean, who was Jewish, immediately stated that the Mossad had carried out the operation and subsequently lost his job. For many years, people thought that the assassination had been carried out by the CIA. It turns out that many Israeli and Western Jewish terrorist atrocities, assassinations, and criminal activities have often been blamed on agencies and institutes like the CIAéFBIéKGBéMI5éMI6éFSBéScotland Yard. Either that, or Jewish criminal gangs often use the cover of these insitutions and organizations to carry out their nefarious plans worldwide and their deception is often sealed in many layers to confuse people as to what is actually the truth.

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