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Alona Avraham and Daniel Lewin Still Alive?!?!?

Where Are the Dead People From Flight 77?

Paul Mitchell | May 3 2004

As it turns out, there were just enough empty seats
on Flight 93 to accommodate all passengers from the
other hijacked aircraft. Dewdney's "Operation Pearl"
hypothesis (a testable, scientific hypothesis)
has them being off-loaded at Harrisburg, and then
loaded onto Flight 93:

Daniel C. Lewin and Alona Avraham, probable Mossad
agents, must have de-planed at Harrisburg, and
then got a red carpet flight back to Israel.

There were certainly lots of Saudi dignitaries
who got similar red carpet treatments, right
after 9/11. Maybe Alona Avraham wore Arab
clothing, to conceal her face. Isn't that
what Arab women generally do, in public?

Avraham's burial site, and remains, were never

I think the U.S. Military should now issue
a military APB to apprehend both --
for questioning on suspicion of aircraft piracy --
because the available evidence says they are both
still alive, and obviously still at large.

After taking off, Flight 93 was blown out of the sky with
a sidewinder missile triggered from an Air National Guard
interceptor. We have received reports that certain
retired military personnel can confirm the name of
the U.S. pilot who triggered that sidewinder.
These reports obviously need further confirmation.

So, the bodies you are seeking landed, in lots of small
pieces, either in a debris field 8 miles in length in
Shanksville, Pennsylvania, or in the Atlantic Ocean:

Thus, there WAS at least one intercept, and that
was Flight 93 soon after it took off from Harrisburg
(or similar central staging air strip).

The planes that hit the WTC were NOT AA11 or UA175,
as implied by this timeline map:
(source of the timeline data is still unconfirmed)

After the hijacked planes were emptied at Harrisburg,
Dewdney's "Operation Pearl" hypothesis has them being
electronically towed out over the Atlantic, where
they either ran out of fuel, or were blown up.

It's also possible that some of the original passengers
of the hijacked planes also went down in the Atlantic.

In light of these testable hypotheses, a grand jury
should be convened to investigate the present
whereabouts of American Airlines Flight 77,
reportedly a Boeing 757 that obviously did NOT
hit the Pentagon, in light of all available
scientific evidence.

A grand jury SUBPOENA to NORAD --
for all their tracking data --
is now in order.

As far as we know, that data is in underground
vaults at Griffiss Air Force Base, which is also
the HQ and SOCC for NEADS -- the Northeast Air
Defense Sector, responsible for tracking aircraft
operations over 500,000 square MILES of N.E. USA:
(start reading at "remains" et seq.)

"SOCC" is an abbreviation for Sector Operations Control Center.
"HQ" is an abbreviation for headquarters.

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