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Terrorist Attempt By Jewish terrorists in Mexico After 9-11 - in order to blame Arabs/Muslims!!!

Iraq Today . . . Mexico Tomorrow?

The Israelization of the USA
and its Dangers to Mexico

Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - April 6, 2003 - (ACN) On February 25, 2001, relations between Mexico and the United States were headed for a new era of cooperation and it appeared that this date would mark a turning point in the future of the Americas. This was the day when newly elected President George W. Bush met with the newly elected President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada, at Rancho San Cristobal in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The Rancho San Cristobal Summit was the first meeting for President Bush with a foreign head of state and was proof of the importance the president gave to the US/Mexico relationship. The summit produced the "Guanajuato Proposal", a document that provided much promise for the resolution of a variety of issues between the two nations, amongst them, the pressing issue of immigration.

This positive focus by a US presidential administration on Mexico did not escape the attention of powerful pro-Israel elements in US society. Less then seven months later, on September 11, well planned terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C, completely destroyed the promises of the "Guanajuato Proposal". The well executed, and as of yet, not totally explained terrorist attacks, have been utilized to changed the focus of the Bush Administration towards international and domestic activities that ultimately serve the interests of Israel. This forced re-focus by the US on the Jewish state has had adverse effects on Mexico on a variety of fronts.

One of the most sinister repercussions of 911 on US/Mexico relations came about as a consequence of Mexico's membership on the United Nations Security Council. During the debate on a US sponsored resolution that would have allowed the US/GB Axis to attack Iraq, one of Israel's principal nemesis, Mexico came under intense pressure for its favorable vote. Mexico was threaten by Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Marc Grossman that if Mexico did not vote in favor of the resolution, Mexicans north of the border would risk being interned as was done with Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Marc Grossman is a member of a pro-Israel group known as the "Zionist Cabal" of the Bush Administration. Members of this group are the architects of the pro-Israel Middle East policies and the principal planners of the current war against Iraq and other plans on the table to attack Iran and Syria as well. Among these are Paul Wolfowitz (US Deputy Secretary of Defense), Richard Perle (Pentagon Defense Policy Board), Douglas Feith (Under Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor), Edward Luttwak (National Security Study Group of the Department of Defence), Randy Scheunemann (President, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq) , Henry Kissinger (Pentagon's Defense Policy Board), Dov Zakheim (Under Secretary of Defense), Kenneth Adelman (Pentagon's Defense Policy Board), Lewis Libby (Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff), Robert Satloff (U.S. National Security Council Advisor), Elliott Abrams (National Security Council Advisor), Richard Haass (Director of Policy Planning at the State Department), Robert Zoellick (U.S. Trade Representative), Ari Fleischer (Official White House Spokesman), James Schlesinger (Pentagon's Defense Policy Board), David Frum (White House speechwriter behind the "Axis of Evil" label), Joshua Bolten (White House Deputy Chief of Staff), Eliot Cohen (Pentagon's Defense Policy Board) and others.

In addition to the above "internment of Mexicans" threat, Zionists within the Bush Administration are now moving to place additional obstacles on Mexican imports in contravention to the North American Free Trade Agreement. La Jornada of Mexico City reported last week that Mexican truckers have complained of having to wait longer hours than usual at border crossing points. On numerous occasions many fruits and vegetables have not been allowed to cross. At the same time the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles is reporting an increase of imports from Israel of these very same products. It appears that there is an effort to substitute Mexican imports with Israeli imports. Robert Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative, is again utilizing 911 concerns to place barriers on Mexican food products. He says that there is a concern that some food imports from Mexico may be contaminated or "poisoned" by terrorists.

The USA is becoming like Israel in many ways and this portents many dangers to Mexico and Mexican-Americans in the USA . The current war against Iraq and the tactics being utilized against the Iraqi civilian population by US soldiers were learned from the Israeli Armed Forces. Last year US officials announced that Israeli security forces trained American soldiers in the techniques of urban warfare. Israel's thirty-five year occupation of Palestine enabled the Jewish state to perfect tactics that US troops will need in "house to house" combat in Baghdad. In addition, Israel has been busy training a large number of major police departments on how to deal with US "Palestinian" type minorities, which we presume includes Chicanos, Blacks and American Indians. Here in Los Angeles, the newly appointed police chief , William Bratton, spent 6 days in Israel getting training on how to deal with "terrorists." Chief Bratton came from New York City and is married to a prominent Jewish attorney.

Another way the USA has become much like Israel is in the adoption of taking "pre-emptive military action" against other countries as was done with Iraq. Israel has long been criticized for taking pre-emptive military action against its perceived enemies. Two well-known examples are the surprise attack against a an Iraqi nuclear power plant and its protracted, and bloody occupation of southern Lebanon. Despite worldwide condemnation of these and many other violations of international law, Israel continues undaunted.

One of the most sinister and totally evil things that the USA has learned from Israel is how to use the "Terror Card" to advance political and economic interests. There are well documented cases where Israel has actually committed "terrorist" acts against its civilians which they then blame on the Palestinians in order to justify their slaughter and genocide. The motto of the Israeli secret intelligence agency MOSSAD, is "By way of deception, thou shalt do war." Israel is true to this motto. This became perfectly clear to Mexico when on October 10, 2001, a MOSSAD Colonel and an Israeli illegal alien were caught attempting to bomb the Mexican Congress. Jewish terrorists Salvador Guersson Smecke and Saur Ben Zvi were caught inside the Mexican Congress with 9mm Israeli Glocks, hand grenades and explosives. We assume that the terrorist attack would have been blamed on Islam. If the Israelis had accomplished their mission to bomb the Mexican Congress, Mexico would have been more cooperative on the UN Security Council and would have sided on pro-Israeli issues. The situation in Mexico would be exactly like it is presently in the USA after the 911 terrorist attacks.

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